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Online Dispensary Canada
Product Types of an Online Dispensary Canada
[Image: green-god-cannabis-logo.png]
There are variety of product types at an online dispensary Canada. You can buy weed online at Green God Cannabis online dispensary Canada from weed edibles to marijuana concentrates, from pre-rolled weeds to distillates, from hash to cannabis flowers. Below you can find the product types of an online dispensary Canada:
1. Cannabis: Cannabis plant used basically for medical or recreational purposes. There are 3 types of cannabis plants:
a. Hybrid: Hybrid flowers are mostly used for health and medical benefits. Hybrid strains effects like a combination of indica and sativa. You can buy hybrid weed flowers from Green God Cannabis online dispensary Canada anytime. Some positive effects of Hybrid are:
• Induces active lifestyle
• Anxiety Relief
[Image: buy-cbd-online-270x270.png]
• Relieves from Insomnia
• Pain Relief
b. Indica: Indica strains are mostly sold at an online dispensary Canada for using at nights which relaxes you before sleeping. Indica dominant strains have lots of medical effects like the sense of deep body relaxations. Some positive effects of Indica are:
• Relaxing and Laid back
• Relieves pains and aches
• Reduces anxiety and stress
• Aids sleep
• Reduces inflammation
• Helps relieve spasms and seizures
• Stimulates the appetite
• Muscle Relaxation
c. Sativa: Sativa is a great strain if you need to have energizing experience by boosting your focus, creativity and happiness. Buy sativa strains from our online dispensary Canada. Some positive effects of Sativa are:
• Energizing and Uplifting
• Stimulates creativity and thoughts
• Promotes a sense of well-being
• Relieves headaches and migraines
• Reduces Nausea
• Stimulates the appetite
• Relieves depression
• Treats chronic pain
2. Concentrates: If you are looking for the concentrates legal in Canada you are in the right online dispensary Canada. The Green God Cannabis is the best and highly trusted online dispensary Canada. So, place an order and enjoy your concentrates.
a. Hash: The original name is called “Hashish” which is an Arabic word also known as “charas” in some geographical areas. The simple meaning of the hashish is “grass”. It is prepared from the resin of the Cannabis plant.
[Image: Sour-Swirls-Extra-Indica-3-scaled-270x270.jpg]
3. Edibles: Edibles are stronger than your regular joint. The most popular edibles we offer online include chocolates, brownies, cakes, candies, teas, gummies, and some others.
4. CBD Products: CBD is usually sold in chewable tablets or liquid form or in a cream format. CBD acts on receptor-receptor cells and stimulates the nervous system in the human body. There are sub product types of CBD like tinctures, oils, distillates.
5. Infused Teas: Cannabis Infused tea that provides the wide variety of medicinal and psychoactive effects.
6. Topicals: Topicals are cannabis-infused lotions, balms, and oils that are absorbed through the skin for localized relief of pain, soreness, and inflammation.
7. Pre-Rolled: Pre-rolled weed cigarattes are ready to use weeds which you can buy online from our online dispensary Canada.

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